Brigadeiros & Bragadeiros

Bragadeiros is the first boutique store and coffee shop specialised in the production of brigadeiro and other popular Brazilian treats in Dublin, Ireland.

Jana Braga combined the word “brigadeiro” with her last name to create a brand that exists to provide a high-quality experience to all customers.


What's Brigadeiro (Bree-gah-day-ro)?

The tradicional brigadeiro is made with condensed milk, butter, chocolate and sprinkles. But at our store, you will find a mix of different flavours of this treat, all of them 100% handmade with the finest ingredients used on confectionery.  

Brigadeiros can be part of the dessert menu at social gatherings such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events or holiday parties. They are also perfect to be given as gift to someone you care about in special occasions. 

Jana Braga is the owner and operator of Bragadeiros and has put her own unique spin on brigadeiros bites by taking her family recipes and Brazilians flavours, to create a natural burst of unique flavours, all made by hand just for her customers.

History of Brigadeiro

In 1939 - 1945 after World War II, Brazil was in campaign time for the election of a new president.


The candidate Eduardo Gomes, whose military rank was Brigadier (brigadeiro), had enormous success among women, which was evidenced by his slogan of the campaign that was "Vote for the Brigadier who is handsome and single!"

Therefore, his most devoted voters decided to try to promote his campaign by organizing parties to raise funds and to give even more visibility to their candidate. Contrary to selling the usual electoral merchandising, they decided to make a candy to be sold in these meetings.

It was created what was then known as "the candy of the Brigadeiro" and was sold during the campaign, trying to achieve votes through the palate of the electorate. The candy was a success, but the candidate turned out not to be elected.

Our mission

To make the best gourmet brigadeiro in Ireland for Brazilian people and introduce it and other Brazilian pastries to the Irish public, providing a high quality experience for each customer.  

Our vision

To be the leader in gourmet brigadeiro production, being always the pioneer in this field. 

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If you want our sweets as a gift to someone you care or at your special event just check our “On-line Shop". You can also pass by our store to have a coffee or even order our products at Deliveroo.  


We produce around 40 different flavours of brigadeiros, with a different range of them in our store. If you want a specific flavour, you can order in advance by contacting the store. 


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The best part is that now you can bring the cutest piece of Brazil to your home...


Flavour & Chemistry

From bean to Brigadeiros

The cacao beans affects how the treats tastes and each cacao variety has its own flavour characteristics.

The Bragadeiros's brigadeiro has a touch of sophistication, we use natural ingredients, can be almonds, coconut, peanut, cinnamon, caramel, pistachio, flowers, Madagascar cacao nibs, some wines, creams and beers.

Bragadeiros seeks within the tradition of this delicate treat to present versions that tease your senses and artesanal pleasure.

Contact Us: info@bragadeiros.com

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Visit Us: 1 Frenchman's Lane, Dublin 1

Opening Times:

Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 6.30pm

Saturday: 11pm - 4pm

Sunday & Holidays: Closed

CNPJ Brazil: 31704339/0001-00

CRO Ireland: 635054

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